About Us

Ithuba Investment Bank


Ithuba Investment Bank is facilitating infrastructure for the future of banking. We pride ourselves in upholding the culture and values whereby the organisation has been built. As a result, we have the capability to innovate technologically advanced products for consumers while simultaneously providing unique financial instruments and solutions for our clients.

Ithuba Investment Bank has an increasing number of assets and a large network of financial service cooperatives. These include securities brokerage, asset management as well as venture capital, credit unions and caisses, among many others.

We focus on making all clients happy, not only the investors. We always do our very best to put the member and client interest in front of us. As a result, Ithuba Investment Bank brings about some of the most secure and profitable financial services that you can find on the market. These help prioritise the sustainable development and at the same time help companies and individuals grow and evolve.

Insurgent Mindset

We challenge the norm and dare to venture where others have not.

Enduring Results

We blend strategy and analytical expertise to foster great value.

Passionate People

We believe in purpose and fiercely devote ourselves to achieving it.

passion for results

What we believe

We believe that change is inevitable. We pride ourselves on adapting ahead of the curve in order to ensure that our clients are also well equipped to adapt for the constant change happening around us.

Ithuba Investment Bank was founded with a mission to redefine the the way we think of money. We focus on delivering client results, not just reports. We are committed to be innovators for our industry, with an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients. Constantly innovating and creating the benchmark whereby finance and technology meet to improve the life of anyone.


We're not averse to change, we create it!