LetsInvest-  is a social investing market place, that combines and standardizes the entire strategy and investment spectrum.

This new marketplace bridges the gap between investors and investment managers. As an investor, LetsInvest offers you a new opportunity to invest in areas that correspond to your passions while benefitting from a large selection of different investment managers.

Being a part of the community, you can stay abreast with current investment issues and remain informed about the latest trends, allowing you to invest in them in good time. It enables you to discover what others in your community like and what they are buying. Furthermore, you can share your own thoughts and follow others, too. Ultimately, LetInvest enables community-based investment.


LetsInvest addresses the increasing needs of a growing and increasingly sophisticated group of buyers and providers. The market place combines and standardizes the entire strategy and investment spectrum and offers products that correspond to your passions. LetsInvest ’s innovative concept links managers and investors on one platform.


For investors, LetInvest forms a platform for products that correspond to their passions and are just waiting to be discovered.

While managers can focus on managing strategy, LetsInvest  takes care of their marketing. LetsInvest  links managers and investors in pursuit of two aims: Private individuals, asset managers, family offices, third-party banks or institutional investors can find products in our market place in the role of an investor while also defining investment ideas and investment strategies in the role of a manager; and they can make these open to and transparent to investors for investment via an AMC.

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