We are a team of creative experts constantly striving to provide the best financial services. We believe in balancing risk with growth and creating innovative opportunities for your money to work for you. Ithuba Investment Bank also offers investment services and technical support for many developing countries. It’s important for all countries to have a powerful system that will help eliminate problems adequately and the return on investment will be second to none, thus building a better financial future for all. 

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Leverage products

Why rely on leverage products?

Leverage products give you a disproportionally good opportunity to participate in market fluctuations or hedge against any market corrections. Leverage products are also a suitable portfolio supplement for optimization.

We have a multitude of underlyings from various asset classes, including equities, currencies, interest rates, or commodities.

We aim to provide you with access to tradable markets, that are simple, liquid, transparent, and affordable. You have the idea and we have the matching solution such as equity warrants, knock-out products, or factor certificates.

Why Ithuba Investment Bank and Trust (IIBT) leverage products?

We pride ourselves on fast implementation, great liquidity claims, and close spreads. We are also your reliable partner during market turbulence.

Our leverage products provide you with a versatile range of long – and short products and permit investors to implement individual trading strategies. In addition, short products provide support in hedging individual equity positions, entire equity portfolios, or various ETF and fund positions.

Leverage products are for investors who in general have a pronounced high risk tolerance and sufficient experience. The lever can work in opposing directions: It can multiply profits, but also reinforce negative price movements.

Matching products

Our tools provide you with a fast, transparent way to find the product that suits you. A wide selection of basic prices and levers as well as an extensive range of maturity series allow for both active day trading as well as trading medium- to longer-term positions. You can trade our leverage products on the exchange or over the counter.

Currency and Commodity products

Our wide range of currency and commodity products provides investors and traders with further opportunities. They create unique market access to the world of commodities and forex trading. Investors can develop currency hedging for their portfolio with the help of currency warrants or take part in active forex trading.

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